Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pedophile Protection Act!

Over the years as I have immersed my self in the political spectrum I have seen some things that shocked me. It is amazing the thought process of some people who are supposed to represent our hopes and desires. Seriously I'm tired of our representatives taking it upon themselves to decide what they want is law and not what the people want. 
  Right now in congress there is a bill circulating. It is called the "The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act." Ok first let me explain something... Our wonderful, educated, all knowing, liberal government decided a few years ago that we needed something to punish people who hurt or kill someone because of their race, religion(besides Christianity), or sexual orientation. For example if white person kills a black person, then it would be a hate crime because it would supposedly be racially motivated and it may be. However, if you kill someone intentionally is it not hate that drives you? Protecting yourself is a different manner, but we have laws on the books to punish murderers and rapist and loads of others. Does this mean that the laws we have are inadequate? Is murder not murder? Anyway just something to ponder, back to my original point.
   In this bill that is being worked on they have inserted pedophiles into the ones who will be PROTECTED!  Seriously what are the dems trying to do? Let me explain a little bit, Ill use myself as an example: I have a beautiful little girl who I love more than life itself, if a man rapes my little girl and I attack that man because of it I can be arrested and charged with a HATE CRIME! I am being dead serious. Republicans tried to get the pedophiles removed and add soldiers who come home from fighting who are spit on and hit with bottles and such. Guess what? The democrats refused to have the soldiers added and refused to remove pedophiles. I do not know what is driving these people other than sheer ignorance or the devil. I guess both. 

Contact your senators NOW! Tell them that you want them to filibuster this!

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