Thursday, May 14, 2009

HealthCare, Healthcare, HealthCare!

 Some people may call me heartless or someone who just doesn't care about other people, but I take a hard line when it comes to health care and government assistance. First let me say that I believe that our elderly and military should be taken care by us. Military, I believe deserve to never have to pay for any kind of health insurance for the rest of their life. They have most definitely earned the right to be taken care of. Without them we wouldn't be free. 
  Now having cleared that out I am totally opposed to providing health care to people who are capable of working and earning it. This may seem harsh but, since when has it became a God given right to have free health care? Do I think we should turn these people away if they do not have health insurance? No. I think they have a right to health care just not free health care. Why should the burden of others have to fall on the tax payers? Are we not taxed enough to pay for the run away spending that our government has placed directly on our shoulders. 
   Our president recently had a meeting with Health Insurance companies to pretty much tell them they had to cut costs. On the surface this seemed like a great Idea, but think about how insurance companies will save money......... Got an answer yet? By denying claims or rationing health care. What I mean by rationing health care is they will be less apt to cover certain types of surgeries or medical procedures needed. Our privatized health care will be in control of the government bureaucrats. So they will be choosing what health care we need and who needs it. 
   We have the greatest health care system in the world and under the Obama administration he looks to control it. Here is the thing if we have our taxes raised the next administration can come in and lower them. They can change most policies that were enacted, but when you change the health insurance to where it encompasses everyone then it is near impossible to change it back. It seems that our president has his agenda and he doesn't care what we think..... 

2010 elections are very important.

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