Friday, December 30, 2011

Legalization of drugs.. Bad for America!

Since Ron Paul has come onto the national stage in the Republican debates with his less than sane views on a lot of things, some people have really taken to him, mostly because his views on economics, but other views as well. One of the big debates that Congressman Paul has stirred is whether or not drugs should be legalized, and then be managed by the states, taxed and so forth. I wanna throw some stats at you and by the end lets see if you think that legalizing drugs would help or hurt America.

One of the biggest arguments is that the drug war is not working and it is costing us a fortune to continue fighting it. Lets look at the stats shall we! In 1979 14.1% of Americans had used an illicit drug within the last 30 days. In 2006 that number had dropped to 8.3%. That same survey showed that 16.3% of teens ranging from 12-17 in 1979 used an illicit drug within the last 30 days. In 1992 that number had dropped to 5.3%. It did rise however to 10.2% in 1999 but dropped down to 9.2% in 2006 and the vast majority of those were marijuana users. In 1979 the number of kids ages 12-17 who had EVER used illicit drugs was at 32% by 1992 it dropped to an astounding 15.1%. During the Clinton years this problem was put on the back burner and it rose back to 23% by 1997. I think this shows that the war on drugs is working. People laughed at Nancy Reagans just say no initiative but it seems to have been helping along with strong leadership.

Now for some more stats.
In 2006 20.4 million people used an illicit drug. 3.8 million were addicted. That's a rate close to 20%. Cocaine users were addicted at a rate of about 75%. Heroine users were addicted at a rate of 95%! What if the same number of people who tried alcohol tried cocaine. In 2006 125 million had tried alcohol. What if that was cocaine? Instead of 1.7 million addicts we would have 94 million! What if it were heroin. Instead of 323,000 addicts it would be 117 million.
How many times do we here about drug addicts killing an innocent person or stealing to get more drugs? There are roughly 2 million people addicted to cocaine or heroin can you imagine the crime rate if there were 100 million. To say that we should legalize drugs is absurd. Drugs tend to interfere not only with the users but also people around them and also tax payers. Currently drug and alcohol users are 5 times more likely to file workers compensation. They incur 300% more healthcare costs, are 1/3 less productive and are absent from work 3 times more than non addicts. All this costs money! The total monetary cost to society is about 97 billion a year. Half of that falls on the gov't to pay. That is nearly 100 billion dollars wasted a year on only 10% of the population.

So all you Ron Paul fans out there, here is what you will be getting..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Israel Sends Warships through the Suez Canal Into the Red Sea!

Phew it seems like forever since I've written anything on here! Sorry about that I have been so busy with my new business I just haven't had the time but I'm back hopefully.....
Anyway Israel has moved ships into the red sea in what appears to be preparation for an attack on Iran. Israel's prime minister is not saying much which leads me to believe that it will be within the upcoming months or even weeks. I am sure he wants to keep everything mum from our president who has shown his support for the radical muslim sect.
I am pretty nervous about this.. What makes me so nervous is that when Israel attacks Iran will Russia get involved? When the Russians get involved then who next? Can you say World War III? I hope that our coward of a president will stand with our long time allies... But who knows.....

2010 Elections are very important...
Start getting ready for them

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This is way off the beaten path but something that has hounded me for some time. This is geared mainly to the teachers out there that have a myspace page or a facebook page or a blog. I see absolutely nothing wrong with teachers having the aforementioned but what really gets me is when teachers allow students to see their pages and they have less than desirable stuff on there. If you have pictures of you partying and acting wild and all that nonsense and you are a teacher you should not allow anyone but your friends see that page. I personally don't think you should have that stuff on the Internet but it's your choice. Teachers that allow students to see them in their party life lose all credibility as a teacher... I have recently seen it happen. It is a shame that people do not have the sense to not allow the public see that junk. Anyway just a random thought I needed to get off my chest.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

HealthCare, Healthcare, HealthCare!

 Some people may call me heartless or someone who just doesn't care about other people, but I take a hard line when it comes to health care and government assistance. First let me say that I believe that our elderly and military should be taken care by us. Military, I believe deserve to never have to pay for any kind of health insurance for the rest of their life. They have most definitely earned the right to be taken care of. Without them we wouldn't be free. 
  Now having cleared that out I am totally opposed to providing health care to people who are capable of working and earning it. This may seem harsh but, since when has it became a God given right to have free health care? Do I think we should turn these people away if they do not have health insurance? No. I think they have a right to health care just not free health care. Why should the burden of others have to fall on the tax payers? Are we not taxed enough to pay for the run away spending that our government has placed directly on our shoulders. 
   Our president recently had a meeting with Health Insurance companies to pretty much tell them they had to cut costs. On the surface this seemed like a great Idea, but think about how insurance companies will save money......... Got an answer yet? By denying claims or rationing health care. What I mean by rationing health care is they will be less apt to cover certain types of surgeries or medical procedures needed. Our privatized health care will be in control of the government bureaucrats. So they will be choosing what health care we need and who needs it. 
   We have the greatest health care system in the world and under the Obama administration he looks to control it. Here is the thing if we have our taxes raised the next administration can come in and lower them. They can change most policies that were enacted, but when you change the health insurance to where it encompasses everyone then it is near impossible to change it back. It seems that our president has his agenda and he doesn't care what we think..... 

2010 elections are very important.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pedophile Protection Act!

Over the years as I have immersed my self in the political spectrum I have seen some things that shocked me. It is amazing the thought process of some people who are supposed to represent our hopes and desires. Seriously I'm tired of our representatives taking it upon themselves to decide what they want is law and not what the people want. 
  Right now in congress there is a bill circulating. It is called the "The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act." Ok first let me explain something... Our wonderful, educated, all knowing, liberal government decided a few years ago that we needed something to punish people who hurt or kill someone because of their race, religion(besides Christianity), or sexual orientation. For example if white person kills a black person, then it would be a hate crime because it would supposedly be racially motivated and it may be. However, if you kill someone intentionally is it not hate that drives you? Protecting yourself is a different manner, but we have laws on the books to punish murderers and rapist and loads of others. Does this mean that the laws we have are inadequate? Is murder not murder? Anyway just something to ponder, back to my original point.
   In this bill that is being worked on they have inserted pedophiles into the ones who will be PROTECTED!  Seriously what are the dems trying to do? Let me explain a little bit, Ill use myself as an example: I have a beautiful little girl who I love more than life itself, if a man rapes my little girl and I attack that man because of it I can be arrested and charged with a HATE CRIME! I am being dead serious. Republicans tried to get the pedophiles removed and add soldiers who come home from fighting who are spit on and hit with bottles and such. Guess what? The democrats refused to have the soldiers added and refused to remove pedophiles. I do not know what is driving these people other than sheer ignorance or the devil. I guess both. 

Contact your senators NOW! Tell them that you want them to filibuster this!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Israel Calls up reservist. Preparing for War?

I've talked about it before how Israel would not stand for Iran becoming Nuclear. Now that they are pressing hard to achieve nuclear status the Israeli's are preparing to strike. I would dare to speculate that it is just a matter of time before Israel takes out Iranian nuclear facilities. Recently elected Prime Minister Netanyahu isn't one to sit around and wait to be attacked he will strike first. 
Now my concern is how will the U.S. respond when they do attack. Will they take the cowardly road and denounce the attacks(Which is what I expect of Obama) or will they stand with their long time ally and support them. When I look and see how the U.S. wants the Israeli's to split their land and create two separate states I have a feeling our president will not stand with them. My major concern is that Iran is receiving weapons from Russia and are allied with them. Will Russia join the fight if Israel attacks. I think they would see this as an opportunity to remove the Israeli nation. Will then the U.S. respond and help Israel.. Scary to think about

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter Jumps Ship and Joins the Democrats!

The long time liberal Republican finally comes out of the closet and decides to join the Democratic ranks. 

Usually I would scoff at this as just another liberal idiot changing over for his own political gain which this is why he is doing this, but this has deeper more dangerous roots.

With the recent defeat of Jim Tedisco in the New York special election and with Al Franken looking like he will successfully steal the Minnesota election from Norm Coleman the dems are going to have that magic number of 60 in the senate which means the Republicans will not have the power to filibuster so anything that Obama and the dems want they will be able to push it through with no opposition. 

We are entering dangerous waters what with everything that Obama has been able to get passed now and we have no fail safe to stop him till the 2010 elections.   Even more scary times are ahead of us.

2010 Elections will be critical to try and get some seats back.... Start now getting the word out.