Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tax Day Tea Parties--- Nothing but right wing extremists and racists!

Well the tax day tea parties came and went. To much my sadness I was unable to attend, however sitting in my classroom I was there in heart and mind. I was able to use these tea parties as a teaching moment about the Boston tea party and to teach about why the people where there and what their purpose was. Of course I had to leave my personal feelings out of the conversation, which is exceptionally hard when you have kids who start rattling off something they heard their parents say or something they heard on T.V. 
    I was anxious to get home after school so I could turn my televison on and watch Fox news of course cause no other station was giving the parties much air time. My fear was that these were going to be rallies for just Republicans and that we were going to miss the larger point of the whole thing. I am a Republican by the way! My fears were set aside though as more information trickled in. Our current Republican leadership is spending lots of tax payer dollars too ie... 60% of the pork spending in Obama's budget was created by Dems. So that leaves us with 40%. Anyway when some of these Republicans who tried to hitch their wagon to the movement after they voted for the Tarp bill they were received with a chorous of boo's. 

Even as a Republican I feel that these guys are justified in booing these people right out of office.
Now having said all that the far left has been trying to downplay the amount of people who showed up at these parties nationwide. The actual count will probably been unkown however estimates reach over a million in some cases. However the liberals would have you think that it was no more than a hundred thousand or so. Cnn and Msnbc were making jokes all day about the tax parties. Liberal congressman were calling the people who attended extremist right wing conservatives. Even some went as far as calling the people racist. Just FYI 

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger booed at Sacramento Tea Party: White and Republican.

California GOP chairman Ron Nehring booed at Sacramento Tea Party: White and Republican.

Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Sens. Orrin Hatch, and Bob Bennett all booed at Salt Lake City Tea Party: White and Republican.

Rep. Gresham Barrett booed at Greenville SC Tea Party: White and Republican.

The tea parties I feel were a success it got the Republicans scared and the Democrats doing the same old thing downplaying anything that would look like decension among the people that they want to control.

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