Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter Jumps Ship and Joins the Democrats!

The long time liberal Republican finally comes out of the closet and decides to join the Democratic ranks. 

Usually I would scoff at this as just another liberal idiot changing over for his own political gain which this is why he is doing this, but this has deeper more dangerous roots.

With the recent defeat of Jim Tedisco in the New York special election and with Al Franken looking like he will successfully steal the Minnesota election from Norm Coleman the dems are going to have that magic number of 60 in the senate which means the Republicans will not have the power to filibuster so anything that Obama and the dems want they will be able to push it through with no opposition. 

We are entering dangerous waters what with everything that Obama has been able to get passed now and we have no fail safe to stop him till the 2010 elections.   Even more scary times are ahead of us.

2010 Elections will be critical to try and get some seats back.... Start now getting the word out.

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Drew Milligan said...

Surprise surprise.. Once that comedic idiot Franken gets confirmed we are going to have a dictatorship on our hands!