Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ready for War?

New report came out today that Iran has the ability to make a nuclear missle. This is no suprise seeing how Iran has been working towards this for some time now. With the aid of the Russians the Iranians have the missiles to lauch the nuke.
With all this going on you better the believe the Israelis are not taking this news very well. They are poised to strike the Iranians nuclear facilities. This is almost a certainty to happen with the aggressive Iranian leadership. Iran has wanted to wipe the Jews off the map for some time and the Israeli's have all the right to stop them and should. With this attack we will probably see the involvement of the Russians and it could spiral out of control from there.


Josh said...

What's Scary to me is that Hillary Clinton could be our next Secretary Of Defence. She has been some one who has not supported Israel and like Obama wants to divide up their land for peace. If this takes place look for great judgments on America. God declared I will curse those that curse you. We should fear God more than the terrorist.

Josh said...

I Mean Secretary Of State.