Monday, November 3, 2008

Home Stetch

Well we are down the home stretch of the election with only 1 day to go. It's funny how people keep saying that they voted for obama because they just voted against the republicans. I guess that really shows the ignorance of some. Instead of finding out the facts about the candidates and making an informed decision they choose to vote on the incumbent. Listen if we do vote in Obama then we will get everything we deserve. Also, understand that there will be no checks and balances. The democrats will control the house and senate. Anything that he wants to push through he will be able too. Socialized healthcare- more wellfare- higher taxes if you think that he will not raise your taxes then you are drinking the kool aid. On the other side there are people saying they are going to leave the united states and go somewhere else (if Obama wins). My question is where? United States is still the greatest country on the planet. We have to stay, we have to fight, we can't give up because something is not going our way. Let us just pray that the polls are wrong and that McCain can win. The polls have been wrong before. Pray hard tonight, please! Anything is possible through Christ, anything.

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