Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama's Tax hikes are bad for economy!

Ok let us start out that Obama saying that he will cut taxes on only people making 250 thousand plus is a flat out lie. First and formost lets look at the small business who fall into this category... Well the business may do that much business but the owners that net only around 30-40 thousand a year will have a tax increase... HMMM.... Obama also is going to raise taxes on Capital gaines.... Obama made the statement: "what would cutting taxes on capital gaines taxes help? No one will have a gain in this economy!" Genius! Some will have gains first off and guess what happens if you cut the capital gains taxes? PEOPLE WILL INVEST MORE!!!!!!!! But lets raise taxes and see what happens.... Wait it has happened before in a bad economy and guess what happend.. Depression.... so go ahead and raise taxes..... Anyway here is an article that explains a little more so read it here.

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