Friday, October 3, 2008

Bob Corker- Lamar Alexander

Mr. Corker and Mr. Alexander
Let me first say that I am very dissappointed that you gentlemen were elected to represent the people. We elected you because we felt that you were the best men for the job. You promised to listen to us and promised to vote the way we the people saw fit. Both of you have let us down. You were supposed to protect us from socialistic ways, but instead you got scared and didnt listen to the people. You were put in office to protect us from the radical left, but instead of fighting them you joined them. Most of all senators, instead of standing with us you stood in front and ignored us. Now as citizens of Tennessee we will vote you out of office.


This was sent by me to our Senators. I will send another letter to each of our Congressman if they vote for this bill. Pray they don't this will be a huge mistake..

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