Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Global Warming--- I mean cooling--- wait climate change?

Well as we have seen in the news, during t.v. ads, in the paper and all over the internet we are all going to die from GLOBAL WARMING! It is going to be real hard for me to dispute all the garbage that the global warming alarmist are spewing out, but I will hit some of the High points. One major point that the alarmist like to use is that the global temperature has risen 1 degree on average. Well I'm no scientist but when I first heard this argument I thought what was the big deal 1 whole degree. Then someone proceeded to tell me how ignorant I was that it was a big deal and so on and so forth. Then something amazing happend, the 1 degree temperature variance corrected itself. I've got a feeling you are not going to hear that from any of the the alarmist. I feel that should put that argument to bed, but you still have those who are die hard about it. Next, we have the polar Ice caps. This is where the enviornmentalist will play on your emotions and talk about how the polar Ice caps are melting and killing all the polar bears. Two things you need to know about this. 1. the polar Ice caps are now the 2nd largest they have been in recorded history. Probably will reach to number 1 shortly because they are growing 30% faster than normal. Of course if you watched NBC the other day you would have thought that the world was coming to an end because the Bolivian Ice caps are melting and there will be a water shortage and disease and death and the whole world will burn up... Sorry got excited there... They refuse to look at the facts about it. Number 2. There has been an increase in the polar bear population. Not going to go into great depth but how are the the polar bears be dying off if there is more of them. There is tons more that I will post later but my Planning period is almost over..... Look back for part two. 

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Josh said...

Most of the research for global warming is no more the 40 years old. Global warming is not a black and white issue. Most scientists do not know for sure, unlike Al Gore who is dogmatic on the issue. The problem is the fundamentals. Increases in Carbon dioxide does not increase global temperature, but the increase in temperature increases CO2 levels. Most scientist agree that CO2 increases are not the problem. It is most likely solar activity or sun spots which increase solar heat. The fact is mankind produces very little CO2 compared to the natural process of nature (Like warming of the ocean "el nino", or volcanic activity etc.) Also plants survive by Co2 this is not a harmful Gas. This green movement will slow the development of 3 world countries who desperately need electricity, and clean water. This movement could potentially cost people their lives where millions of men, women and children are dying of disease and starvation. I think we should be good stewarts of Gods creation, but also remember that God gave it to us to use it.