Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bail Out- Debate

In the past few weeks we have been swamped in the news about the $7billion bailout plan that our congress has decided that we need to save wall street. First, let me say that I do not support the bailout. However, despite what most of the liberals will say MOST republicans are opposed to the plan. Why do you think it is having trouble passing? Republicans are more for letting the market decide. This is called a free market economy. What our government wants to do is very socialist in its nature. Socialism is when your government controls the basic means of production. That definition is basic and easy to understand. However, it does have a larger meaning and can be harder to detect. Governments will gain control through the auspices of helping the little people. Democrats are notorious for wanting socialist control. One big "entitlement" program that Dems want to gain control through is government run health care. Two major points of government run health care: 1. If you think the national debt is bad now. It will be more than astronomical if this ever passes. 2. Look at Canada and Britain they both have socialized health care and you have to wait for over six months to get a doctor's appointment. People are dying in emergency room waiting areas because all the beds are full. It has crippled their economies. Why don't we just look at those to see that it is a failure.
Ok ok! I know I chased a rabbit. Lets now look at the debate. I really don't have a lot to say other than I wasn't impressed with either. McCain started out slow but when he hit his stride I feel he took it over. The major issue I feel that Obama dropped the ball on was the economy and the war. (big suprise I know) He just doesn't get it. As far as McCain I agree with something he said about the economy's fundamentals:They are strong: which means that the core of the economy is strong and will outlast this so called crisis!

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